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Who we are 

Yen International is a nonprofit organization that promotes civic engagement and people-centered leadership. Our mission is to promote effective governance and leadership that is inclusive of the voice of the lay citizen in the growth of their communities.

Our Values and Principle 

Our organization is guided by the principle that sustainable and inclusive growth is attainable through effective leadership that prioritizes The People.

What we do 
Through programs, Yen invests in people by supporting them with the tools and network they need to effect change and development in their communities. Our programs also provide an avenue for members of communities to contribute their voices and expertise to the social, political and economic growth of their communities.
Through research, we study socio-economic challenges to better understand these issues and Yen focuses on communities through its people in order to understand issues by direct interaction with the stakeholders and populations that are being affected. 
Initiatives / Projects
Building on people-oriented research, Yen designs and implements inclusive and sustainable solutions through our initiatives and projects.
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