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Our Renewed Service to Community

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC - Formerly known as the Blanc International, we are proud to announce that we will from today, April 2, be known as the Yen International. This is in light of our expanded focus to increase our service and contribution to our communities.

With Yen's values on “People, Leadership, and Growth”, the institute will be expanding its practices to further promote people-centred leadership, encourage civic engagement and bring together people from diverse backgrounds to participate in the governance and growth of their communities.

Yen means “us” in the Akan language. The name was inspired by the popular Ghanian song “Yɛn ara asaase ni”. The song written and composed by Ephraim Amu in 1929, calls upon the Ghanian citizenry to reflect on their role in the well-being and future of their country. As such, it charges the collective, us, to take active roles in building our country even as we hold accountable the officials we have entrusted to lead us in the noble quest of our nations’ development.

Responding to this charge, we structure our initiatives, research, and programs with the lay citizenry at the core. With our programs, Yen equips individuals, community leaders, and government officials with the skills and knowledge for service-oriented leadership; the kind of leadership that prioritizes the needs and welfare of people in the communities they serve. Yen’s Youth Policy Debate program, for example, creates a platform for young people to engage in discussions on different legislation and government policies. The program also provides participants with an in-depth knowledge of the policymaking process and how they could effect change in their communities through this process.

On the research front, Yen’s research approach involves the people and stakeholders directly affected by challenges being investigated, in order to ensure that their perspectives are taken into account in our study. Building on our research, we provide solutions through our initiatives and projects to tackle the underlying challenges unveiled by the research.

Yens seeks to support individuals and groups in making contributions to the growth and development of their communities. Hence we welcome all collaborations and partnerships from individuals, civil servants, elected officials, students, academic and research institutions, think-tanks and all others in working for a brighter future for our communities and our country. We recognize the interconnectedness of our era, thus Yen also strives for global engagement in our work.

For more information on Yen International, please visit our website or interact with us on our digital media platforms.


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