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Police Brutality Today and Racial Equality

Dear all,

There comes a time where words just cannot cut it. It saddens me that this week happens to be one of those.

By now, I am sure most of you have seen the horrific video in which George Floyd lost his life while in the custody of four Minneapolis policemen. I'm writing to let you know my thoughts are with you. I hope these words may afford you some comfort, however small. I know many of us are hurting, our hearts are filled with grief and anger. I pray we find the strength to deal with this grief, and the moral courage to continue the pursuit of racial equity and accountable leadership in our communities. 

Here at Yen, our work is to promote accountable governance through an engaged and active civil society. As such, our work plays an even more vital role in this particular time. Yen's leadership is considering avenues we can support other organizations already at the forefront of the fight against racial inequality and police misconduct. I encourage each one of us to also take active roles in our homes and communities to promote racial equality and equity.

It has been a tough week and it's ok to feel how we are feeling now. I urge you to find some time to take care of ourselves.

Sincerely, Roland Buaben

President, Yen International 


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